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Our core goals are to reduce carbon output and promote sustainable slow fashion using 100% organic & recycled materials in all our clothing. Our clothes are designed, printed & shipped here in the UK in a state of the art renewable energy factory. Keep an eye out for our latest deals and subscribe to keep up-to-date with all the latest news in the sustainable fashion world.

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Carboncore Clothing was founded in 2021 in Scotland with the ambition of tackling the fast fashion industry and bring a much needed change by introducing eco-friendly clothing that is ethically sourced.

Our products are made from high quality 100% Organic cotton and can also be recycled or reused once you have finished with them!

We want to give our customers great products that are clean and do not negatively impact the planet. We want our customers to know that all Carboncore clothes are ethically sourced and printed in a state of the art renewable energy factory based here in the UK.

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Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Incentive

This badge indicates that each product sold guarantees that a percentage of each garments profits will be used to fund carbon offsetting programmes and progression towards renewable energies and technological advancements in material production as well as innovations in recyclability.

At Carboncore we are also dedicating a portion of our profits towards improving the lives of workers in the fashion industry. We believe in fair workforces being paid fare wages. We only source our materials from Fairtrade registered suppliers but we also want to go further.

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