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Modelling a Dress


We at Carboncore have several goals in mind but we are focused on shifting the fashion industry away from horrible unsustainable materials and replacing them with cleaner, eco-friendly materials that are sourced ethically. 

Once we can shift the industry towards eco-friendly materials we can then focus on reusability and recyclability. We can work towards technological advancements in recycling methods as well as improve current technologies such as wind and solar energies so that our factories can become sustainable.

We want to improve the lives of so many people stuck in the fashion industry who are forced to work hard and be paid very little. We can change the lives of so many, and as a society we all need to come together to help those who are suffering.

We will maintain affordable prices forever at Carboncore. We need to be competitive in our prices so that we can compete against the major brands who are using horribly sourced materials, and show the consumer that your clothes can be clean and equal if not better than traditional clothing.

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